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There is a growing need for easy to use, cost effective and trustworthy Electronic Data Capture, EDC systems and ePro software.

Capture develops software for Trial Online –  an EDC and ePro system that meets all three criteria.
Trial Online EDC and ePro software is fully compliant with industry & regulatory standards and provides features to ensure data security and accuracy

About Trial online

Trial Online EDC has been in operation since the beginning of 2000, as a trusted eCRF provider for thousands of clinical studies made over the years, from small Phase I trials to global Phase III/IV trials.

Trial Online ePRO provides Patient diary and questionnaire service to clinical studies.


Trial Online EDC and Trial Online ePRO is owned and qualified by Replior
AB Replior is a Swedish IT Operations provider focused on the Life Science- and financial sector. Our customers share an extensive demand in data integrity, data protection and service availability.

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